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Passionate about protecting your rights.

Legal obstacles can be life-altering, frustrating, costly and time consuming. When your reputation is on the line, you need to work with a team of attorneys that take the time to know your story.

At Maknoon & Associates, LLC, know the legal system and will fight your battle. Our team has handled hundreds of cases in the courtroom and know first-hand what it takes to stay one step ahead of the opposition. In and out of the courtroom, our passion goes unmatched.

Serious accusations warrant serious service. Make sure you have an accomplished team of attorneys who know the law.




We don’t just promise value, we provide it.

Preparation is the key.

Whether in the courtroom arguing a case, or in a conference room negotiating a creative resolution, there is no substitute for strategic preparation. We take time to dig deep and thoroughly research the unique intricacies of your case until no stone is left unturned.

Fierce & aggressive representation.

We know what is at stake for our clients, and we'll go the extra mile to fight for you. We have defended thousands of individuals over the course of our firm's existence, and we don’t like to back down from a trial when needed.

Serious service for serious matters.

Building a meaningful long-term relationship with our clients demands more than just outstanding legal services; it requires mutual respect and trusts. At Maknoon & Associates, we believe the client experience is of paramount importance in this process. Our team is committed to attention to details, responsiveness and ability to go the distance to understand your needs.

Loyalty during every stage of the legal process.

If your lawyer doesn't know your story, nobody will. At Maknoon & Associates, LLC, we are committed to being faithful advocates for our clients. If your freedom or reputation is on the line, you can trust our attorneys to do everything in their power to fight for you. 


“Amazing in trial and through the whole process. He wins cases other lawyers don’t have the courage or time/effort to try to win…He hovers over his seat waiting to cross-examine someone, then he takes them down. Very smart and quick, and very good at what he does. He is the best.”


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